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Preface xi
Acknowledgments xix
part i. trauMa, HoSpitalization,
and reHaBilitation 1
1. Into the Wilderness: Trauma, Hospitalization, and
Acute Care 5
with contributions by Cristina l. Sadowsky
2. Lost and Searching: Rehabilitation 39
3. Reading the Map: Pathways to Adjustment 69
part ii. tHe CHallengeS of readjuStMent 95
4. Going Home: Old Territory in a New Light 99
5. Focus on the Family 125
6. Lovers Lane: Dating, Coupling, and Sexuality 169
7. Life Goes On: Independent Living 201
part iii. Successful liVing WitH Spinal
Cord injury 233
8. The Next Frontier: Spinal Cord Injury Research 237
with contributions by john W. Mcdonald and Cristina l. Sadowsky
9. The Journey Continues: Finding Yourself 283
10. Concluding Thoughts 309
Resources 329
Notes 341
Index 345




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